Organic Clothing

Healthy-Wear for People Who Care

  • Organic Natural Fiber – Palm Frond, Hemp and Organic Cotton
  • Low-impact Manufacturing
  • Dyes that are Safe for People and the Environment
  • Fair Trade and Labor
  • Sustainable Business Practices

There is a magical essence to creating my store in a new location each day. By following the ION mobile store, customers learn about unique community events throughout Florida. They not only experience a new neighborhood but mingle with different people while purchasing ION products.



Book - Great Woman Exploring Nature

Great Women Exploring NatureThe book combines history, travel ideas, nature awareness and art. The reader will discover how a thread of Florida's wild nature wove itself into the lives of ten women. This connection is examined in the stories of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mina Miller Edison, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Zora Neale Hurston, Myrtle Scharrer Betz, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Jackie Cochran, Rachel Carson and Marjorie Harris Carr. Author Linda Taylor developed the idea for this book from her experience of guiding women on nature adventures in the Tampa Bay area through her company It’s Our Nature®.

Each chapter begins with a stunning calligraphy quote sketched by artist Linda Renc and then summarized in a map of Florida establishing a sense of place for each woman. The cover is the work of Bill Renc. Linda and Bill Renc are co-owners of Painted Fish Gallery. Prints and Notecards are available.




Moving in the Rhythm of NatureGreat Women Exploring Nature

To blend our wellness with the health of our earth. To move our bodies through nature is a moving meditation that engages all the senses. Our body and mind connect with the landscape around us. The rhythm of our movement can matche the waves of the shore or the sway of the palms. We smell the pine, taste the salt, hear the osprey, feel the wind, and see the blue behind the puff of clouds. This simplicity creates clarity – and our body moves with ease. Experience Full Moon Walks with T’ai Chi on the beach and other seasonal experiences.


eco friendly consulting servicves, keynote speaking engagments and eco friendly seminars

  1. Speaking Service - Could your program use the following presentation addition...
  • How nature fits into our lives...
  • Finding work that grows from your passions
  • Discovering a niche market for your service
  • The unique balance of eco-tourism
  1. Bring It’s Our Nature “Playshops” onto your site for a day or as a regular offering.
  2. Improve the Eco-Friendliness of your property, resort, school, or business
  3. Training Staff for a special event
    Educate your staff for a few hours or through-out the year on guiding nature-based activities.
  4. Explore the opportunity to operate an It’s Our Nature Outpost
    Tailor a program to suit your dreams. Add dimension to an existing business or create a seasonal opportunity.

Call Linda Taylor, owner of It’s Our Nature for cost and availability of these eco-consulting services
Phone: 727-441-2599
Toll free: 888-535-7448


green weddings by it's our nature
Green Weddings by It's Our NatureGreen Weddings by It's Our Nature

Your ceremony is officiated by Linda Taylor; creator of It’s Our Nature, Inc.
Her notary number is EE64990 expiring on 2/19/2015.

After guiding nature experiences for eight years, a number of participants began inquiring about weddings in the natural places they treasured. In response, Linda obtained her notary license to officiate for those who desire to celebrate marriage, the renewal of vows, commitments and anniversaries on a beach, in the woods, by their favorite rock or just under the open sky. The following services are available:

Simple Ceremony

  • Meet with couple to discuss wishes for the ceremony
  • unlimited phone and e-mail contact
  • Perform marriage ceremony at the location of your choice
  • Conduct ceremony as directed by the couple, using standard vows
  • File signed marriage license with the County
  • Fee: starting at $100

Custom Ceremony

  • In addition to the above
  • Modify vows as desired, or assist couple in writing their own vows
  • Chose a nature themed reading, if desired.
  • Assist couple in developing ceremony agenda and activities
  • Attend Rehearsal
  • Fee: starting at $200