It’s Our Nature® … my journey into the blend of Work and Life … began 17 years ago in 1996. I determined that Earth Day was the day to take the first step into the scary world of making a living doing what I loved. I loved the Earth, I loved Moving in Nature, I loved to see Women Empowered, I loved Freedom … and I was willing to sacrifice a career of status and compensation to discover where this love would take me.

The step began when I guided a small group of women onto Caladesi Island from North Clearwater Beach (where I lived). Our hike began on the sandy beach and continued with a 3-mile loop that would take us into beach scrub, pine flatwoods and a hard-wood oak hammock …. woven with the story of Myrtle Scharrer Betz – the girl/women who grew up on this barrier island. An ambitious seven mile round trip with Chi Gong to stretch, a home-made healthy lunch, bird watching and the evaluation of the impact of a loud, fast jet-ski flushing wildlife and our quiet contemplation. I realized then that our simple walk revealed so much of what was important to me … and that I was receiving as much … if not more than what I strived to give to my participants. I am forever grateful to that small group of trusting women. That first step was extremely frightening to me for many reasons. But I kept repeating in my head an Eleanor Roosevelt quote … “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” 

From there I added Gentle Kayak Paddles, Tai Chi Under a Full Moon, Organic Cotton Socks, Palm Frond Hats, Writing Magazine Articles that evolved into a Book, Environmental and Social Activism,  Officiating Weddings in Nature, Finding Like-mindedness to create a Website, Blog, Newsletter and Shopping Cart, Employing Women to share in the ION Mobile Marketplace Experience, more Healty-Wear for People Who Care Products ……………

Guiding excursions to Cross Creek, Alaska, England, France and the Caribbean; Speaking to Groups; Consulting; Contributing to the UnspOILed book; Participating in Festivals & Markets; Creating a Green Fashion Show for the Miami Super Bowl. Selling my house on the beach and moving to a Simpler life in Central Florida.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the many who sprinkled seeds of love and assistance on my ION journey.  The women who stop by my booth to say they had participated in an adventure sixteen years ago and remember it clearly, the incredible helpers who have joined me as women vendor warriors, both men and women who have purchased Great Women Exploring Nature and attended my presentations, the many who purchase my Healthy-Wear products year after year and those who just stop by to thank me for being around …year after year !

So much to reflect on this month …. so much to visualize. Come back soon and feel free to leave your own memories.

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