Nature Reflections 2015 – Mother Earth Vision for 2016

Here I am … Aware of the beauty around me but knowing the layers beyond are crumbling.  I see less birds and hear fewer songs.  The amazing armadillo pair that taught me behaviors not written in any book are gone. The variety of oranges that provided fresh juice 10 months of the year are dead. The migration of the cedar waxwings no longer match the ripening of the mulberry tree. My treasured walk on north Clearwater Beach to Caladesi is quiet … less life.

I am torn with remaining positive but yearning to know the truth. My speaking out pales to the rising murder rate of indigenous environmental activists.  My gardening, selling fair trade products, living lightly feels fluffy compared to the women marching on Paris this week at the COP 21 Climate Change Conference.  Who stand up for Mother Nature around the world facing violent repercussions, arrest and sacrifice.  I do not feel threatened for now I feel safe.  As I write about these brave women, do I make a difference sharing their stories or is it an armchair attempt of being on the front lines.

Seven years ago I sent out an affirmation for the unimaginable … knowing full well it could be beautiful or tragic.  It arrived and my life changed. That change sent me on a path to another ecosystem, another  life, another country, another love.  I feel as if I have rested, revitalized, and gained clarity. I am blessed to be able to hand over a 20 year project to hands who will grow the vision.  Now in 2016, I will re-commit to making a difference in a world of tears and pain.  I will breathe as I become fearless; clear to see what is authentic; open to be tender.  I will still bring you the warrior stories of warrior women.  But more than that, I will strive to become a warrior myself.

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