A vibrant and intimate relationship with nature is essential to ecocentric living – and many of us may wonder how to cultivate such a relationship. How do we become aware of the natural world so as to allow her to awaken our senses? How do we learn to move with her rhythms, feel her vibrations, her breathing, her messages-regardless of environmental and personal circumstances? We all have specific creative gifts that the world longs to experience for her much needed healing. Yet our rational minds often dominate the expression of our hearts, bodies and soul. Our true voices can be muffled, distorted or silenced by this imbalance.

Join us in the forest .. and listen to what’s been silenced within This day is perfect for: * Someone who has wanted to journal or even write stories * The activist in need of balance and renewal * Those wanting clarity about the inner gifts we offer in these challenging times * Anyone who feels transition is near * Someone recovering from loss or defeat * One in need of rediscovering the play in our bodies * Or simply, to gain the tools we need to cope with our global crises. No particular experience is necessary…just the willingness to explore your authentic self and the desire to live your daily life more connected, grounded and inspired to serve.

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