Organic Clothing

frequently asked questions
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions at the ION booth:

Isn't cotton organic already?

Conventional cotton uses 1/3 of a pound of pesticides to produce the cotton for one t-shirt. Organic cotton is grown and the fabric is produced without harmful chemicals.

I know that helps the environment but how does it change the fabric – can’t you wash the pesticides out?

Organic cotton fiber is softer and stronger. Washing does not change the fiber.

What is hemp?

Hemp is nature’s longest, strongest, most durable fiber. It grows as a plant. The stem is made into fabric and paper. Can it grow in the U.S.? Not yet, but California and North Dakota are close to allowing industrial hemp production. The hemp in the Ecolution product is grown in Romania.

What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade promotes fair compensation; safe and healthy conditions, direct and long-term relationships, transparent business practices, and workplaces free from discrimination and forced child labor. When trade encompasses these practices, the lives of all people and their communities improve.

So the next time your purchase clothing, think of who grew the fiber, spun the yarn, stitched the hem, ironed the crease, attached the label, and prepared it for shipping. Demand transparency – insist on fair labor practices.

What is eco-dye?

Dye without using petroleum or heavy metals. White is created using hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach which contains dioxin – a known carcinogen.

Where is your store?

It’s Our Nature is a mobile store creating a small imprint using few resources. It has a regular weekly market schedule and a yearly festival schedule.

How can I find the schedule of where you will set up?

The Schedule page on this website.

Do you take credit cards?

Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. Do you accept out of state checks? Yes, as well as local checks. Just include your phone number. 

Do you make your products? Where are your products made?

No, we do not make our products but they are all screened for chemical-free fiber, eco-dye and fair labor. Most of the cotton is grown in Texas. The brown cotton comes from California or Peru. The Earth Creations products are sewn in Alabama. Maggie’s camisoles and tops are sewn at a women’s co-op in Nicaragua.  Tula Hats are fair trade certified made in a village in Mexico.

How long have you been in business?

Since Earth Day (April 22) 1996. It’s Our Nature is a Florida corporation.

Are you the company that guided kayak trips and walks?

Yes, this is how ION got started. The Organic Threads socks were the first product sold as recommendation for the walks. The Tula Hats were used on kayak trips.